I’ve decided this is going to be the last of the monthly comics. That’s a big move for me, and surprisingly scary.

The project has grown a lot since I started, and I’ve hit the point where I feel like I’m having to compromise a lot on different parts of the comics. I thought about it a lot, and that seems silly to me, to make a worse comic just to hit an entirely self-imposed deadline.

A big part of this project was making lots of small fast comics so I could get some of the inevitable mistakes out of the way without being attached to them for too long – things like formatting, design choices, choice of media, things that I didn’t want to be stuck with for ages after I’d realised they were a mistake. I think that was a really smart move, and this month’s comic compared to some of the early ones is just night and day. So yeah, I’d say the project has done what it was meant to! Now I want to see what new and fun mistakes I can find in something a bit bigger-scale.

So I’m not stopping doing comics, no way, I just want to grow them beyond what I can do in a month.

If you liked this, and want to comemorate the end of an era (16 months can be an era, right?), you should definitely check out the shop and get a hardcopy version!